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Songs of Little Saigon is a feature documentary film about Vietnamese Americans whose musical talent, hope and resilience propelled the rebuilding of their lives in Southern California after fleeing a war-torn Vietnam. They have become musically active leaders and role models in the Vietnamese community.

Marble Surface


Over 1.6 million Vietnamese were resettled across the globe between 1975 and 1997 due to the Vietnam War. Over 700,000 were boat people, and others left by plane or by foot to neighboring countries. Approximately 189,000 refugees eventually resettled in and around an enclave community in Orange County now known as Little Saigon. Now a bustling community full of culture, education and a strong economic presence in the county, the residents of Little Saigon have found a place where they can live with joy and safety and ensure that their children and future generations will also find joy and safety in life.
In 2021, the United Nations reported that there were 21.3 million refugees worldwide. Now more than ever, it is important to tell the story of refugees and to bring awareness to this monumental human crisis. It is also important to share how refugees have overcome adversity and how it is possible to rebuild one’s life and create a new community in the aftermath of great hardship and trauma.
This project portrays the beauty of community resilience during times of struggle. When individuals in a community stand up and lead, in this case by music, they can not only start the healing process of post-war stress for themselves, but also help their entire community to heal and rebuild as well. This project shares with all people that if one community can overcome hardship and rebuild their community as refugees in another country, then there is hope for other communities.

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